Fields of studies

The offer of studies is directed to candidates of Polish citizenship (language of instruction: Polish). You can find a selection of courses to choose from within the Erasmus + program here.

Bachelor’s studies (3-years studies) in the fields of:

Administration in specialties:

  • Public administration
  • Business and administration management

Pedagogy in specialties:

  • Pre-school and early school education
  • Care and education pedagogy and resocialization

Management in specialties:

  • HR management and marketing
  • Accounting and financial management

Engineer’s studies (3,5-years studies) in the fields of:

Information Technology in specialties:

  • Computer systems and networks
  • Computer graphics and multimedia


Logistics in specialties:

  • International logistics
  • Business logistics

Mining and Geology in specialties:

  • Techniques of exploitation of deposits
  • Mining machines and equipment
  • Geodesy in mining and geology

Production Management and Engineering in specialties:

  • Engineering of production processes
  • Safety engineering
  • Quality systems management

Master’s studies in the fields of:

Management (2-years):

  • Management in industry
  • HR management
  • Administrative management
  • Quality and environment management
  • Financial management and accounting

Mechatronics (1,5-years)

Uniform master’s studies (5-years) in the fields of: